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Knowing When To Disconnect & Recalibrate

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

So...the day just began, yet you’re already feeling depleted beyond belief. The mere thought of all the things on your “To do” list, just sends you into a downward spiral of procrastination and making disjointed decisions throughout your day.

The phone is ringing off the hook, your children are running you ragged, your spouse needs attention, dishes need washing, food needs prepping, laundry is piled to the ceiling, you’re backed up on work and the list goes on and on and ON! It’s like a never ending saga of buttfuckery, and you’re just tryna plug up the hole before it all goes to shit. LMAO

THIS, my friends, is when it’s time to “Disconnect & Recalibrate” . That’s right, you heard me! Drop the added on obligations and pass the torch to everyone else around you who is able bodied and willing to help take a load off of your shoulders. Having trouble with doing this!? Let me help 😉

Firstly: Relinquish control

If you’re someone like me, who likes having things done a certain way, and within a specific time frame, you probably drive yourself nuts often. You have to learn to trust people enough to step in and help you when you need it most, WITHOUT the expectations that they’ll get things done YOUR WAY. Rather, they’ll get things accomplished, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Secondly: Equally Distribute Responsibilities

If you have people you can rely on to help with chores, running minor errands, cleaning, or even picking up some chow, it’s time that you start reaching out to your pillars for support. We often feel as if we’re being a bother to people if we simply ask for help. I’m here to tell you if you haven’t heard it before....”A closed mouth, don’t get fed“! If you’re drowning at the pool, do you expect the lifeguard to save you, if you’re not screaming “HEELLLPPP!!”? No!!! You must ask for help in order for it to be received.


Plan a day of utter relaxation and self care. The goal isn’t to become a lazy sack of crap and have everyone around you do everything. The reason for “Disconnecting and Recalibrating” is so that you can realign your actions with your purpose, and move with clarity and less mental and emotional fog.

When we feel better, it reflects in how we work, speak, interact with others, the choices we make as it pertains to our mental, spiritual and physical health but ultimately, it reflects in how we treat ourselves.

Be aware of when you are feeling depleted, then work towards indulging in activities that give you LIFE. Doing this will have you at your absolute best when it’s time to show up for others and getting back in the game.

I hope this has reached someone, and you will begin to follow those 3 steps in order to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress.

Changing Your Habits=Changing Your Life


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I absolutely enjoyed this . Distributing responsibilities is important. We don’t have to do everything ourselves.

Apr 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reading my blog Carolyn. Yes, relying on others to help us lighten the load is necessary if you would like to reduce stress or feeling overwhelmed. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand ☺️

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