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I met Dolly at kickboxing class and said this chick is sooo cool and fierce, I must stay in contact! Fast forward, I jumped on her fitness routine since May 2020 and kept it going till today!! Today we are runners!!! Because of u I joined challenges to get me to the next level!! I’m so happy to have met such a wonderful soul and someone who is full of positivity always!! Mom, wife, fitness trainer (bc u are), runner, so much more!!! So so happy to have a Dolly in my life! 

JMar Eliz

Health and wellness is a must especially in these days and times. This program has been a Godsend and really helped me get in the best shape of my life. I learned how to eat right and feel good about doing it! Definitely worth the investment for the long term gains!

JMar Eliz

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Rasheen George


Let me tell you about my sister our sister

Dolly George-Harris

I felt like I was loosing me for a little bit today! Even shed a tear expressing my I called her about a situation despite her own things going on in her life she listened! She asked questions! we had a open ended conversation! She congratulated me on acknowledging what the issue was and where I could of handled it better! I've known her for over 20 years! we old but she has the heart of gold and honestly made me realize my flaws and a better person! I can speak to her about anything! She makes time to understand the individual! and what their motivation and triggers are! Love ya sis! Rock that interview


Get you a Dolly


                                                                                Shana S Jones

Rasheen George

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