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Package Details

With my fun personalized HIIT workouts, and mouthwatering, healthy meal prep recipes from a professional Chef, you will be on your way to reaching your physical goals in no time. This program is available to you for 90 days, and requires full participation in order to see the results you are looking for. If you would like to add Chef’s healthy recipes to any of the other programs, please mention this during your free consultation.

*There will be an additional fee added to the program of your choice, should you want the meal prep recipes included*

90 Days & 12 one on one sessions, of deep transformative work. We will be discovering what's preventing you from taking that next big step in your life, and building constructive ways for you to face, and overcome your challenges, rather than giving in to them. Downloadable content will be available to you after most sessions, just as reference points, for the days we are not together.

90 Day program providing 12, one on one coaching sessions.

I provide curated information centered around habit change, customized meal plans, breathing techniques and more, to help you gain control of unwanted stress and/or weight gain.

We will confront fatigue and sugar cravings, while learning how to naturally balance blood sugar levels.

Access to the "Coach Connect" app, which serves as a user friendly guide and accountability tool, for the duration of your 21 Day Cleanse.

My Favorite Package :-) This is where all of the good, deep work gets done.

Want to figure out what's keeping you stagnate in your life AND work on acquiring a healthier lifestyle?

This is the package for you!

Unlimited Access to the Coach Connect app for a 21-Day Reset Cleanse. 12 sessions of Transformative Life and Health Coaching exercises and action steps to help you form new constructive habits that last a life time. Round the clock access to your coach for encouragement, guidance, and accountability when needed, and more...

This package kicks it up a notch. Not only will you reap the benefits of creating new life changing habits and beliefs surrounding health, but: You can add a personalized fitness regimen.(constructed by your coach) Have a personal motivational workout with your coach once a week, and contact your coach for modifications and tips so that you get the most out of your workout.

So, not only will you feel aligned on the inside, you’ll also be able to work on matching how you feel with how you want to look. Tangible results can be achieved in just 90 DAYS!!

This service is for families who may struggle with being on the same page, CONSTANTLY finding themselves at the short end of the communication stick. You'd be interested in this package if you have a hard time asserting yourself as a parent, in your household. Are experiencing a disconnect between you and your children (Especially when they're transitioning from childhood into adolescence)and; If you need guidance and support with breaking bad communication habits, enabling destructive behaviors, and creating new beliefs surrounding being a "disciplinarian".

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