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Honoring Your Journey

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve contemplated sticking a fork in it, and being completely DONE with improving my health and physical appearance.

I’d have a solid start. Shed a few pounds. Adopt healthier eating habits. The WHOLE 9 right! Then out of nowhere, BOOM!...the scale stops freaking moving. 😐😒😑 Like....Literally. Not an ounce of weight loss for WEEKS!!!😤😤😤

Slowly, I‘d go into this downward spiral of questioning everything. What am I eating? How much am I eating? Maybe it was the bottle of wine I drank!?🤔(don’t judge me 👀) Am I doing enough cardio and blah blah BLAAAHH!!

Once I‘ve decided that I don’t have the answers to my issues, I began to slowly dip into this space of self doubt and regression. I become demotivated then, YUP!!! You‘ve guessed it...back to square FREAKING 1 😤😩

Then I start doing this other weird thing, where I’m comparing what I’m doing and eating, to what others are doing and eating, and not understanding why and how they are able to lose their excess bodyweight YET, IM STILL A BELUGA WHALE!!!???(Help 😩😩)

Fast forward to who I am today. Something I have learned to do is to honor MY journey, be kind to myself and to listen to my body. Beating myself up about not being able to make the needle move on the scale was causing me to stress. Do you know what happens when you stress!? WEIGHT GAIN!! (DUUUHHH LOL)

Instead of harshly criticizing myself in the mirror or in my head, I’ve learned to operate from a place of curiosity and not a place of judgment. This requires a lot of patience, and for you to be in tune with your bodies innate intuitiveness.

You know what your body needs and which foods fuel you. You also know which foods deplete you of your energy. If you learn to lean into that, then incorporate whichever movement feels good to your body, you’ll be off to a great start. No more comparing your journey to others because we are not the same. We don’t have the same genetic make up nor metabolism.

If any of what I stated resonates with you and your own health and wellness struggles, I want to encourage you to keep pushing. If doing a “360” is leading you back to square 1, then do a 180 and turn your back on the person you’re tired of being, so that you can walk in your purpose towards a much greater version of you😉

Change Your Habits=Change Your Life


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2 comentários

Yesssss. This is such a great read! I think you were talking to me or about me ..... 😂😂😂....

18 de abr. de 2021
Respondendo a

We have the same struggle sis 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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