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🌟Celebrating Your Wins🌟

You ever achieved something so amazing then kept the great news to yourself out of fear that you’ll offend people close to you or appear as if you’re bragging (not gloating, there’s a difference)?

If the answer is yes, my next question would be, what type of company are you keeping that would make you feel you can’t celebrate your wins? 🤔

Like, seriously👀 What’s the deal with that? Soooooo, you can’t enjoy receiving the accolades you deserve after all of the hard work you put in, because people can’t be genuinely happy for you!?

“Remember: people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.” Unknown

I think it’s time to reevaluate your “squad”. Surround yourself with others who are successful and not threatened by your success.

There is no sense in entertaining the company of people who only cheer you on, when you’re doing good, but not better than them.

We must learn to give ourselves permission to be rewarded when we have achieved greatness. Not only that...our wins should inspire our close friends and family to want better for themselves then work to get it. Jealousy and envy should not exist amongst your clique when you’re on your A game. If it does, time to cut the grass to see the snakes before they bite you 😉

“Attitude, the difference between winners and losers.” Anonymous

So my dears I want to encourage you to live out loud. Celebrate your wins, embrace your losses as lessons, and continue to flourish. Anyone who can’t handle the flicker to your flame, will have to find an unlit wick to entertain 🤷🏾‍♀️ PERIOD!

You are worthy of everything that you’ve worked hard for. We know that success doesn’t come easy, but because you had the heart to push through adversities, and turn your losses into triumphs, you have earned THEE RIGHT.... to celebrate your wins. 😉🍾

“Change Your Habits = Change Your Life”


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