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Why I Started Coaching

     Throughout my Health and Wellness  journey, I struggled! 

Being a homemaker who took care of everyone else, EXCEPT FOR ME, left me feeling unfulfilled, depressed

sluggish and unhealthy. Also leaving me discouraged after failed attempts to do better. My marriage and relationship with my children suffered as a result of it all. It took for me having to hit rock bottom and experiencing one of the most traumatic emotional and mental breakdowns, for me to seek a way to BREAKTHROUGH...

     It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell ya! I wanted to throw in the towel more times than you know, but I refused to let myself down again. I couldn’t live another second knowing that I was failing my family and ultimately myself by not giving ME a fighting chance at being the best version of ME that I knew I could be. Moving forward I took the necessary steps needed to get ME together including peace and finding happiness within. Because of my experience and the continued success that I have exhibited within my own self and family but with others I decided to continue my mission to help those who are going through the same struggles. Knowing that I can be that pillar of strength for someone else going through their personal journey, gives me so much solace. Especially with all that’s been going on in this crazy world of ours. The level of fulfillment I experience by assisting others with loving themselves more, in order to give the best version of themselves to the world, is unexplainable.

    My Story


    Dolly George-Harris (professionally known as Dolly Thee Coach) is a wife and mother of 3, born and raised in New York City, but residing in Maryland. After 5 years of being a homemaker, Dolly began to struggle with depression and finding her identity. Trying to sustain a healthy marriage, taking care of AND building a bond with her growing children, being responsible for the upkeep of the household ON TOP OF finances were all beginning to take a toll on her mentally, physically and emotionally. She took care of everything and everyone BUT herself. 

      Within those 5 years, Dolly tried to find some sort of solace by doing almost every workout known to man. Going to the gym, signing up for kickboxing classes, supplementing meals with shakes, DIETING, the list goes on and on. Yet...she always ended up, back at square one. Dolly realized that...everything she was doing was simply a distraction and not helping her get to the root of her issues. Ultimately, she made a promise to herself, heading into her 35th birthday. Not only would she find a way to heal and become whole again, but she would acquire the tools she needed in order to help others who were having the same struggles in life. 

      On August 25th, 2020, Dolly became a Certified Health/Life Coach, whose goal is to help people who struggle with finding inner peace, happiness and a sense of self worth, while juggling responsibilities in their day to day lives. Not only will she show you the importance of prioritizing self-care into your schedule by helping you clear the clutter in your life, but she will be your support and cheerleader through the entire journey encouraging you to find your purpose and voice again.

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    “Success isn’t measured by what you do compared to others; it’s measured by what you do with the ability God gave you.”
                          -Zig Ziglar
Embrace LIVING with DollyTheeCoach


Your Greatest Self.


    Become reacquainted with who you are, at your core and allow that part of you to be the front running representer whenever you show up in the world.

stop talking


     Stop saying what you're going to do, without actually turning your plans into actions. Don’t allow fear to stop your go. Allow the curiosity of the life you dream of, to ignite your drive in order to make things happen for yourself.




    Reclaim your purpose and LIVE without reservations or expectations. Be 100% open to the endless possibilities and be present in your personal journey while you have air in your lungs.


"Operation 180 Transformation"

  Operation 180 Transformation is a program that consists of 6 separate packages. That include your choice of Health, Fitness and Life packages with tailored, specialized and affordable rates that gives you tools to stay on track and obtain going in a direction that doesn’t lead you back to square one.

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